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These organizations help those groups that earn a living through their own labour or small business. Gandhian thinking is the guiding force for SEWA's poor, self employed members in organizing for social change. The main goal to avail of the new opportunities with regard to employment, strengthening women’s leadership, confidence, representation in policy making and bargaining power within or outside their homes.

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Research and Development

It involves the struggle against the many constraints and limitations imposed on people by society and the economy, while development activities strengthen bargaining power and offer them new alternatives. Practically the strategy is carried out through the joint action of union and co-operatives. Enhancing of women empowerment by developing their communication and work skill is the main objective of this organization.

 It is an organization of poor, vulnerable and every energetic Indian who believes in himself. It organizes vulnerable workers for full employment of work security, income security, food security including health care, child care and shelter. Helping to achieve people goals of full employment and self reliance through the strategy of struggle and development.

Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees you give families the ability to transition from destructive farming techniques to a Forest Garden system that not only sustains and empowers them but changes their lives forever. Help Us Plant 1 Million Trees by 2020.